Wax Coated Canvas Log Carrier Extra Large


Our lovely ‘drainpipe grey’ wax coated canvas wooden log carriers are bigger than we thought, meaning fewer trips outside to top up those log – especially on the colder evenings ahead.
Why have we stocked this particular material? Well, waxed canvas is one of the oldest fabrics in the world. The origin of waxing fabrics started in the 15th century when oil and grease were used to make the tarpaulin waterproof and windproof.
This natural water-repellent canvas was also used to produce clothes that were worn by sailors and fishermen and it became extremely popular due to its durability and strength. Nowadays, waxed canvas is still used for bags, backpacks, tents and outdoor clothing, such as the famous wax coats.
Waxed canvas is therefore ideally suited for gardening and will last for years. Like high-quality leather, waxed canvas develops a beautiful patina over me. To keep the material in good condition, re-waxing (every 2 years) is recommended.

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